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The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Hair and Makeup Pricing

The Cost of Bridal Hair and Makeup

When planning your wedding, understanding the average cost of bridal hair and makeup is key. On average, bridal hair ranges from $100 to $350, while bridal makeup costs about $140 but can soar up to $1,500, depending on various factors. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Bridal Hair: $100 to $350

  • Bridal Makeup: $140 on average, up to $1,500

Your wedding day is special, and professional hair and makeup services play a crucial role. “Hair and makeup can make any wedding dress look so much more elevated and timeless,” says professional makeup artist Briana Lorenn Garrett. The right stylist enhances your gown, bringing your entire look together and boosting your confidence as you walk down the aisle.

I’m Rachel Voss, and with years in the beauty industry, I've seen how these factors can influence your overall wedding experience. Let’s dive deeper into the costs, so you can make an informed decision for your big day.

Average Cost of Bridal Hair and Makeup

When planning for your big day, understanding the average cost of bridal hair and makeup is crucial. Typically, brides can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $600 for these services, with the average cost hovering around $300. However, several factors can influence these prices.

Factors Influencing Cost

Location: The cost of bridal hair and makeup can vary significantly based on where you are. For example, services in major cities like New York or Los Angeles often come with a higher price tag compared to smaller towns or rural areas.

Hairstyle Complexity: Intricate hairstyles, such as elaborate updos, tend to be more expensive than simpler styles like blowouts. On average, an updo can add about $45 more to your bill compared to a basic blowout.

Makeup Type: The type of makeup you choose also affects the price. Airbrush makeup, known for its smooth and long-lasting finish, typically costs more—around $50 more than traditional makeup applications.

Artist Experience: More experienced artists generally charge higher rates. Their expertise and reputation can add to the cost, but they also bring a higher level of skill to ensure you look your best.

Breakdown of Costs

Bridal Hair: The average cost for bridal hair alone ranges from $100 to $350. The complexity of your chosen style and the experience level of your stylist will largely determine the final price.

Bridal Makeup: Bridal makeup costs can range from $100 to $300. Factors like the type of makeup (airbrush vs. traditional) and the artist's experience level play significant roles in determining the price.

Airbrush vs. Traditional Makeup: Airbrush makeup costs more due to the specialized equipment and expertise required. Expect to pay around $155 for airbrush makeup compared to $100 for traditional makeup.

Updos vs. Blowouts: Updos are generally more labor-intensive and time-consuming, making them more expensive. A blowout might cost around $51, while an updo can set you back $95.

Understanding these costs can help you budget effectively and ensure you get the best value for your money. Up next, we'll explore what is typically included in bridal hair and makeup packages, so you know exactly what you're paying for.

What is Included in Bridal Hair and Makeup Packages?

When planning your wedding, it’s crucial to know what’s included in your bridal hair and makeup packages. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Stylist Time and Makeup Artist Time: Both your hairstylist and makeup artist will allocate a significant amount of time to make sure you look perfect on your big day. This includes the initial consultation, the actual styling and makeup application, and any touch-ups required throughout the event.

Product Usage: Professional-grade products are used to ensure your look lasts all day. These products are often more expensive and of higher quality than what you might use at home, contributing to the overall cost.

Travel Fees: If your hairstylist or makeup artist needs to travel to your wedding venue, expect to pay extra. The distance they need to travel will impact the cost. For example, if they need to travel a long distance, you might also have to cover mileage.

False Lashes: Adding false lashes can make your eyes pop, but this service usually costs extra. The average price for false lashes is around $15 to $30.

Airbrush Makeup: Airbrush makeup offers a flawless, long-lasting finish but comes at a higher price. Expect to pay about $155 for airbrush makeup, compared to $100 for traditional makeup.

Touch-Ups and Extra Hours: If you want your stylist and makeup artist to stay for touch-ups throughout the day or to change your look for the reception, you’ll need to budget for additional hours. This can range from $30 to $125 per hour.

Trial Runs: Many brides opt for a trial run to see how their hair and makeup will look on the big day. This helps make any necessary adjustments ahead of time. The average cost for a trial run is about $75 per service.

Understanding these additional services and add-ons will help you budget more effectively and ensure you get the look you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding day. Next, we’ll discuss how to choose the right hair and makeup artist to bring your vision to life.

How to Choose the Right Hair and Makeup Artist

Choosing the right hair and makeup artist is crucial for your big day. Here’s how to find the perfect match.

Reading Reviews

Start by reading reviews from past brides. Look for consistent positive feedback, especially about the artist's professionalism, punctuality, and ability to execute the bride’s vision.

Interviewing Artists

Once you have a shortlist, set up interviews. Ask about their experience with wedding hair and makeup, the products they use, and their availability on your wedding date.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How many weddings have you done?

  • Can you show me a portfolio of your work?

  • What products do you use?

  • Are you available for touch-ups during the event?

Matching Style and Vision

It's essential that your stylist understands your style and vision. Bring inspiration photos to your consultation. Discuss what you like and don’t like about each look. This helps the artist get a clear sense of your preferences.

Booking Timeline

Booking your hair and makeup artist at least three months in advance is recommended. This ensures you have enough time to find the right person and schedule a trial run.

Trial Runs

A trial run is a must. It allows you to see how your hair and makeup will look on the big day and make any necessary adjustments. The average cost for a trial run is about $75 per service.


During the consultation, discuss your wedding details, like the venue, dress, and overall theme. This helps the artist suggest styles that will complement your look.

Taking these steps will help you find a hair and makeup artist who can bring your wedding vision to life. Next, let’s talk about tips for budgeting your bridal hair and makeup.

Tips for Budgeting Bridal Hair and Makeup

Hidden Costs to Consider

When budgeting for bridal hair and makeup, it's crucial to account for hidden costs that can sneak up on you. Here are some common ones:

  • Extra Services: Services like airbrush makeup, false lashes, and elaborate hairstyles often come with additional fees. For instance, airbrush makeup can cost between $100 to $200 extra.

  • Travel Fees: If your stylist has to travel to your location, expect to pay for their travel time and expenses. This could include mileage or even parking fees.

  • Additional Hours: Want your stylist to stay for touch-ups or a reception makeover? Additional hours can cost between $30 to $125 per hour.

  • Trial Runs: A trial run is essential to ensure you’re happy with your look. However, it’s an extra cost, averaging around $75 per service.

  • Additional People: If you want your bridal party or mother of the bride to get their hair and makeup done, this will add to your costs. Typically, bridesmaid hair and makeup can cost around $150 per person.

Tipping Guidelines

Tipping is a common practice in the beauty industry, and your wedding day is no exception. Here’s how to handle gratuity:

  • 15-25% of the Total Bill: A tip of 15-25% of the total bill is generally expected if you’re happy with the service. This shows your appreciation for their hard work.

  • Tipping Assistants: If there are multiple stylists or assistants helping out, make sure to tip each one individually.

  • Built-in Gratuity: Some contracts include a built-in gratuity. Always read your contract carefully to see if this applies, so you don’t double-tip.

By considering these hidden costs and following proper tipping etiquette, you’ll be better prepared to budget for your bridal hair and makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bridal Hair and Makeup

How much should a bride pay for hair and makeup?

The average cost of bridal hair and makeup ranges from $150 to $600, with the average being around $300. This cost can vary based on several factors like location and the complexity of the style you choose. For instance, getting your hair and makeup done in a city like Los Angeles may be more expensive than in a smaller town.

Why is bridal hair more expensive?

Bridal hair tends to be more expensive due to several reasons:

  • Business Costs: Professional stylists invest in high-quality products and tools to ensure you look your best.

  • Travel Costs: If your stylist nee ds to travel to your wedding venue, you might incur additional travel fees.

  • Time and Product Usage: Creating intricate hairstyles and long-lasting makeup takes time and specialized products, which contribute to the higher cost.

Do you tip at a hair and makeup trial?

Yes, tipping at a hair and makeup trial is generally recommended.

  • 15-20% Tip: A tip of 15-20% of the total cost is standard. This shows appreciation for their time and effort.

  • Tipping Assistants: If there are assistants helping out, remember to tip them as well.

  • Importance of Tipping: Tipping helps build a good relationship with your stylists, ensuring they’re motivated to do their best work on your big day.

By understanding these aspects, you’ll be better prepared to plan and budget for your bridal hair and makeup needs.


Planning for your bridal hair and makeup can seem overwhelming, but knowing what to expect can make it much easier. We covered the average cost of bridal hair and makeup, which typically ranges from $150 to $600, with an average around $300. Various factors like location, hairstyle complexity, and the artist's experience can influence these costs.

Key points to remember:

  • Breakdown of Costs: Bridal hair and makeup, airbrush vs. traditional makeup, updos vs. blowouts.

  • Additional Services: False lashes, airbrush makeup, touch-ups, extra hours, trial runs.

  • Tipping Guidelines: 15-25% of the total bill, including assistants, and checking for built-in gratuity.

Professional services are crucial for achieving your dream look. They bring expertise, high-quality products, and peace of mind on your big day.

At Voss Salon, we pride ourselves on providing a premium beauty experience. Our team is dedicated to making you look and feel your best.

Book your appointment with us today and follow us on Instagram for $25 off your first service!

By understanding these aspects, you’ll be better prepared to plan and budget for your bridal hair and makeup needs.

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